Located in the north-east part of Rajasthan, Shekhawati contains many small districts including Jhunjhunu, Sikar, Churu and Nagauri. Forts & Castles, Horse Safari, Horse Brigade, Nawalgarh, Dundlod, Havelis, Fairs and Festivals like Gangaur-Dussehra-Teej and Holi are major tourist attractions of Shekhawati.


The summers are from April to June when the temperature is very high, recorded at 38 degree Celsius most of the time. The Monsoon season starts from July and remains till September. During monsoon the temperature drops, but humidity increases. The winter season is from December to March.

The best time to visit Shekhawati is from October till March. The weather remains moderate during these months which are neither too hot nor too cold.


Shekhawati is part of Rajasthan and mostly famous for Rajasthani snacks like Pyaaj Kachori, bajreki roti with lashunki chutney, Dal-Bati-Churma, which you can get in every city of Rajasthan. The best reason to visit Shekhawati, especially for food lovers, are its authentic Rajasthani dishes. One must try Rajasthan’s signature dishes and thali on his/her visit.

Entertainment Activities

Shekhawati is known for its Havelis (mansions) and Forts. One can enjoy long walks while exploring the forts and taking pictures to capture the majesty of Rajasthan’s old era.

Tourist Attractions
  • The major areas to visit around Shekhawati are Mandawa, Dundlod, Ramgarh, Jhujhunu, Sikar, Khetri, Nawalgarh, Mukundgarh, Bagar and Chirawa. You can choose any district to visit and explore its prime points.
  • Areas of interest in Jhunjhunu District are: BihariJi Temple, Satya Narain Temple, Sri Lal Bahadur Mal Well, Ram Jas Jhunjhunuwalawell, Jiwan Ram Marodiaka Talab. Also popular are Juhunjhunu Water Tank along with many different Haveli’s.
  • Areas of interest in Chirawa District are: Manohar Lal Vaidhya Haveli, Kakarania Well, Sekhsaria Well, Poddar Well and many different Haveli’s.
  • Areas of interest in Dunlod District are: Forts, Satya Narain Temple, Haveli’s, Ram Dutt Goenka Chhatri and well.
  • Areas of interest in Khetri District are: Bhopal Garh Fort, Panna Lal Shahka Talabal Water Tank, Raghu Nath Ji Ka Bara Mandir, Temple of BhatianiJi and etc.
Night Life
Night Life

Like other Rajasthan cities Shekhawati also has its own kind of night life to enjoy. After sunset, people enjoy the evening with cultural dance & music along with hookas, whereas the state also has dine-in restaurants with folk music for evening fun and relaxation.

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