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Welcome to Vacation India tour – An Elite Tour Operator

Vacation India Tour is an India based Tour Operator which is passionate about providing perfect customized tour packages to its customers. The professional experts of Vacation India Tour are highly committed for making your trip memorable and bringing you close to the India’s vibrant culture. We understand our customers, therefore, offer such customized tour packages that suits the needs of our customers. It is the best place to find attractive tour packages. You can plan short as well as long trip at our best price. We are not confined only up to providing customized packages, but our travel experts ensure that your trip goes smoothly and you enjoy every single moment of it. At Vacation India Tour, one can find tremendous options for vacation tour packages that include cool hill stations, devotional, adventure spots, wildlife, and beaches, romantic, cultural and many more according to your need. So, what are you waiting for! Embark on a tour with Vacation India Tour and enjoy an exciting vacation that will last in your memory forever.

And we at vacation India tour help the people who come to India from all over the world to relish the sublime beauty of this vast land.

India is famous worldwide for its unity in diversity and we Indians thrive on the uniqueness of our culture and traditions, and this is beautifully expressed in places, cuisines, spiritual traditions and people. India is a country that believes in making its guests feel at home; hence tourism plays an integral role.

Indians are a very festive people, and this brings people together from the many and varied regions and communities. We have many festivals throughout the year, celebrating our customs and traditions while bringing delight and joy to all. It is said in India that there are, “Thirteen festivals in twelve months". Some of the more popular include: Kumb Mela, the Elephant Festival, the Pushkar Cattle Fair, Holi, Eid, Diwali, Dussehra and Raksha Bandhan. Each festival is celebrated with great pomp and show. To the outside world India is known for its rich colour, extravagance of expression, and myriad cultures and creeds. All of this is expressed through her festivals.

Rajasthan- A regal affair- A medieval fantasy masquerading as the modern world, Rajasthan is many travelers’ introduction to India. This land of deserts, poets and folk dancers has to be seen to be believed. With its red and gold sand, the cobalt blue skies dotted by clouds of emerald green parakeets, with its colour and vigor reflected in its people, Rajasthan is a must-do on every traveler’s list.

Varanasi- The Land of Ashes and Saints- Known as the spiritual capital of India, Varanasi attracts millions of pilgrims from all over the world to bathe in the holy waters of the Ganges. Its cobbled, winding streets, ancient temples, sacred waters and wise old saints make it an intriguing tourist destination. People flock to this ancient town just to imbibe its spirits and soak in its charm. An evening spent on the banks of the Ganges can invigorate any tired soul seeking enlightenment.

Kashmir- Paradise on Earth- Oft called the Indian Switzerland, Kashmir is truly a paradise on earth. Its lofty mountains, clear blue streams and green meadows make it an inviting hub for tourists. Every year thousands of people throng to this haven for travelers just to relish the air, the ambience and the atmosphere. With many places to visit in this beautiful state, Kashmir is a must see destination for any traveler.

Kerala- A Holiday Haven- One of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, Kerala is famous for its enchanting backwaters, the white sandy beaches and azure blue waters of the Arabian Sea, tall green coconut trees and humble people. This is God’s own country, and you can enjoy a host of activities- from adrenaline pumping water sports, boat rides in the serene backwaters, to walking in the high mountains and dense forests and relishing the wilderness.

India is a land of plenty: plenty to see and plenty to enjoy. So get ready to set sail on a beautiful and invigorating journey filled with people, places and experiences.

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